Ready for the pour.
First bit of mud coming down the chute.
After the pour.
After 4 weeks tower ready to be uprighted.
Tower with GP9 on top.
Crossboom with M2 antenna's ready for coax.
Crossboom to mast.
Six meter beam to mast.

M2 M12 Vertical
M2 M12 Horizontal
Mosley Classic 33
Cushcraft A50-5S 6 meter
M2 M18 440 Horizontal
Cushcraft A430-11S Vertical
Rohn HDBX 48
Where the wife say's I will end up if I spend much more on this project !!!
(Luckily the hardline and connectors are already bought)
The Polyphaser plate and Polyphaser lighting protectors in
box. ( Thanks to Toby AD5ZP for this setup.)
Tower with hardline and LMR400 run down the tower.

Cable Tray installed with Hardline and LMR 400.
PolyPhaser Box and Coax entrance box installed.
Shack about half setup 10/19/2008
Max the Shacks Official Observer
VHF & UHF Alpha Deltas in Place
HF Alpha Delta in Place
Veiw from bottom of Desk 5 foot 1/2 inch thick solid copper ground bar.